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Incredible 52-tweet thread exposes how the mainstream media attacks Corbyn WHATEVER he does

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It’s pretty obvious that the British media aren’t exactly fans of Jeremy Corbyn – and their relentless negative attacks in the run up to the 2017 General Election were so hysterical that they wouldn’t have looked out of place in the State-run propaganda outlets of Putin’s Russia.

On the day of the election, the Daily Mail famously dedicated an entire 14 pages to attacking the Labour Party – an unprecedented barrage that fell completely flat when Corbyn’s Party managed to increase their vote share by a staggering 10%.

Their media’s negativity towards Corbyn was so relentless, and so ridiculously far-fetched, that the British public saw right through it – leading to the Labour leader openly mocking the right-wing publication in his 2017 conference speech, joking that:

“The day before the election, I remember it well, I was on trains all day long doing six rallies.

One paper devoted 14 pages to attacking the Labour Party and the following day our vote went up nearly 10 per cent.

Never have so many trees died in vain. The British people saw right through it.

So this is a message to The Daily Mail’s editor – next time please make it 28 pages.”

And it’s not just pro-Tory publications that constantly attack the Labour leader, either. Supposedly progressive outlets such as The Guardian and The New Statesman join in with the hysteria too.

Indeed, after the row surrounding antisemitism within the Labour party had subsided, a study conducted by the Media Reform Coalition showed that there were myriad inaccuracies and distortions which negatively portrayed Corbyn and the Labour Party within the reporting from the likes of the BBC, The Guardian, and other respected media outlets.

It is becoming increasingly obvious that the British establishment will stop at nothing – including outright lies and distortions – in order to protect their own wealth and power by stopping Jeremy Corbyn from getting into power.

And now, one incredible 52-tweet Twitter thread has exposed that whatever Jeremy Corbyn does, he is literally damned if he does, and damned if he doesn’t.

With the mainstream media – spurred on by terrified billionaire owners who can’t stomach the thought of finally having to pay their fair share in tax – it doesn’t matter what Corbyn says or does, he literally cannot win.

The meticulously researched thread, published by Richard James, pokes fun at how the media – even the very same outlets in some cases – cover all angles by attacking Corbyn from both sides of the argument.

James writes:

“I think a plausible explanation is that whatever Corbyn says or does, his critics will denounce – no matter how much hypocrisy it necessitates.”

The fantastic 52-tweet thread uncovers numerous examples of how, on one hand, the media attacks Corbyn for one thing – such as supposedly ‘being too left wing’ – and then for the total opposite, for supposedly ‘not being left wing enough’.

The incredible Twitter reads as follows:

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