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Lying Tory Ben Bradley just tweeted his apology to Jeremy Corbyn – the resulting carnage will live in Twitter infamy forever

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Lying Conservative MP Ben Bradley was forced into a grovelling apology today after posting a libellous tweet about Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn on the 19th February. And what’s more, Corbyn’s lawyers not only made the Tory MP donate a reported ‘five-figure’ sum in lieu of damages to a food bank and a homeless shelter in Bradley’s own Mansfield constituency, they also forced him to write the words ‘Please retweet this’ at the end of his tweeted apology. The resultant Twitter carnage, as you will see, was beyond epic.

Predictably, rather than tweet his apology straight away, Bradley took a page straight out of the Katie Hopkins handbook and waited until 22:30 on a Saturday night to publish it – presumably in an attempt to try and quell the inevitable backlash somewhat.

Also, after finally publishing the apology, the Tory MP then went on to retweet 6 pro-Tory posts in some sort of vain attempt to push the grovelling apology down his Twitter timeline.

However, if Bradley had actually known anything about social media (or if he actually had any common sense whatsoever) he would have simply posted a retraction and an apology straight away before this whole sorry story blew up.

However, following today’s silly antics of prolonging the inevitable, and then attempting to whitewash the evidence on his timeline with a flurry of six retweets in quick succession, the Tory MP only succeeded in spurring thousands of pro-Corbyn Twitter users into producing a reaction of absolutely epic proportions.

So, firstly, here’s the grovelling apology that Corbyn’s lawyers forced Liar Ben Bradley to tweet to his followers:

What followed will surely live in Twitter infamy forever.

Firstly, there was an avalanche of truly terrific memes and GIFs:



Then there was James Felton with this piece of extremely observant irony:

Many simply did as Bradley asked:





And let it be known that nothing gets past our Prezza:


However, a question we’d all like to know the answer to: did Bradders have enough sense to turn notifications off before posting the apology? It’s debatable:

It’s safe to say the American Ben Bradley definitely didn’t:


And then there were the simple but effective replies:


Obviously Evolve had to get in a few sly ones:

Despite Bradley’s apology racking up over 7,000 retweets in just over an hour, the former Corbyn spokesman Matt Zarb-Cousin was perhaps being rather hopeful with this one:

Even perennial Tory-bootlickers Guido Fawkes couldn’t resist a little dig at Bradley:

However, without doubt the pièce de résistance of the entire day was this utterly epic pun:


Bravo Twitter. Bravo.

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