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May-hem continues as Tory ministers plan mass resignations to oust PM

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As Labour soar to an 8 point point lead in the polls over the Conservatives, mid-ranking Tory ministers are attempting to co-ordinate a coup of mass resignations in an endeavour to get rid of Theresa May as Conservative leader once and for all.

Despite Tory ministers such as David Davis saying that ousting Theresa May would be “catastrophic” for Brexit talks, it seems that the lower ranking members of government feel that the risk may be worth it.

In fact, some have spoken with both the Sun and the Telegraph, claiming that government ministers are “clearly just positioning for a contest in two years’ time”. It seems that this source was not prepared to wait that long to see the back of the PM, who went on to say:

Selfish cabinet ministers are simply putting their own ambition before the country – it’s self-indulgence and there is going to be a backlash.

David Davis and Boris Johnson have both been touted as candidates to replace the PM as Conservative leader, but it’s thought the Cabinet won’t act to remove May over fears it could lead to the triggering of another General Election which they believe Labour would win.

The Tory party is already in chaos as it is, with both of May’s chiefs-of-staff leaving Downing Street, as well approval ratings which continue to plummet, giving Jeremy Corbyn a 24 point lead.

Younger MPs such as Dominic Raab and Jo Johnson are being encouraged to stand in the inevitable leadership contest, to give the Conservative party a fresh image to try and appeal to the millions of voters who were won over by Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour in last months general election.

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What the Tories fail to realise, however, is that June’s shock result was not about image at all (though Theresa’s abysmal soundbites and robotic interviews certainly didn’t do Jeremy any harm).

Politics that truly represents the interests of the people is what won the day, with an astoundingly large amount of people voting for arguably the most radical manifesto put forward by a mainstream party since just after the Second World War.

When the early general election comes (and that’s a when, not an if), it will be extremely interesting to see if Britain is brave enough to finally choose the good guys for once.

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