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Why would a Labour MP accept a £5,000 personal donation from UKIP backer Arron...

If you glance through the the register of individuals and organisations that have made monetary donations to our Members of Parliament you will come across many curious entries. None more curious than the staggering...

UKIP in disarray as senior figures resign over Paul Nuttall’s Hillsborough lies

To quote UKIP leader Paul Nuttall: “it has been a tough week for me.”It certainly has. After a lengthy series of claims made by Nuttall that have later been proven false, yet another week...

Farage’s treatment of Brendan Cox shows the far-right couldn’t care less about the victims...

It was during an interview with London radio station LBC that Nigel Farage (formerly leader of UKIP) accused Brendan Cox (husband of murdered MP Jo Cox) of supporting extremism by backing groups like Hope...

Leave.EU exploits Orlando massacre in horrifying tweet. Quickly deletes it.

The Leave campaign today at least proved one thing to the world. There is something lower than a snake's backside, and it's the mental pygmies who dream up their campaign material.A poster already denounced...

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