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Body of Foster Carer found in sea after she was evicted due to Tory bedroom tax and housing benefit cuts

Body of ‘loving Foster Carer’ found in sea after she was evicted due to...

Just days after being evicted from her home, the body of Margaret Blenman was discovered by a fisherman close to Brighton Marina at around 06:30 on November 19th last year. Ms Blenman, 48, had been...

If you think the backdrop to Labour’s Party Conference is a mosque, you know...

During Labour's annual party Conference taking place in Brighton, an embarrassing amount of right-wingers are hilariously confusing the city's best-known landmark with a mosque.  Unsurprisingly, Labour have opted for the landmark as the backdrop image...

John McDonnell’s monumental promise to scrap PFI shows Labour will OBLITERATE failed Neo-liberalism

At the height of demonstration, and in the throws of revolution, it is a typical sight to see statues of demagogues toppled and pulled to the ground by the people. When the Firdos Square statue...

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