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Tory Youth Group Chairman praises Fascists Britain First and Tommy Robinson at Activate Launch Event

Tory Youth Group Chairman EXPOSED praising neo-Nazis Britain First and Tommy Robinson at Activate...

The Chairman of the Conservative Youth Movement Activate has been exposed praising notorious neo-Nazis Britain First and former EDL leader Tommy Robinson, and asserted that the Tories could learn from the Fascist groups' tactics...
Evolve Politics Undercover Inside Activate Part 2 Featured

PART 2: Evolve Politics Undercover Inside Activate – Unadulterated Incompetence From Day One

Please do make sure you've read Part One of our undercover investigation into Tory youth group Activate before beginning Part Two The First Signs of IncompetenceSo, now that Tory Thomas' Facebook account was finalised -...
Evolve Politics vs Activate Part 1

EXCLUSIVE: Evolve Politics were undercover inside Tory-youth group Activate from the very beginning [Part...

Evolve Politics secretly infiltrated the Tories' imitation-Momentum group Activate, gaining the full trust and backing of Activate's National Chairman Gary Markwell, before having a Senior Editor offered a job on Activate's Media Team.With essentially...

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