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Ousting Corbyn now is electoral suicide for Labour – but the rebels don’t care

Jeremy Corbyn’s overnight sacking of Hilary Benn - a repeat offender when it comes to publicly undermining him - seems to have resulted in the acceleration of the process Benn was aiming to put...
Hilary Benn Syria Bombing

Hilary Benn may well be a brilliant orator, but so was Hitler

 The vote on extending airstrikes into Syria brought tears to my eyes; tears that turned into bursts of anger and rage at the failure of our Government. After the results, I stopped, and I thought....

Why Corbyn’s decision to allow a free vote was the best possible move

Jeremy Corbyn has decided to allow a free vote on the bombing of ISIS in Syria. A man, who is so ardently against war, has apparently been ‘forced’ to allow Labour MPs to vote...

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