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A week is a long time in politics. And no, Iain Duncan Smith has...

In just one week, the Tories have gone from a Party of the conspicuously discontented, to a Party suffering a catastrophic public meltdown. The resignation of Iain Duncan Smith from his role as the...

Brexit is inevitable. Low wages, xenophobia, and hatred of Cameron will seal it.

When it comes to asking a nation to vote on an important issue, the one overwhelming necessity is that people know what they’re voting for. Let’s face it, most of Britain hasn’t got a...

A tragedy of errors: National Audit Office slams DWP performance

It seemed that little else could go wrong for Tory welfare reform. Reams of negative headlines, bad publicity, IDS seemingly as hapless and callous as ever regarding the effects of his policies on the...

The life and crimes of Iain Duncan Smith. The ‘quiet man’ should have kept...

Dear Mr Duncan Smith, As a disabled person, a welfare claimant, a taxpayer and a voter, I’ve followed your career trajectory with some interest. Given your fondness for regarding people like me as work-shy, malingering,...

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