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Tory Mayor bills taxpayer £530 for CHAUFFEURED car to HOMELESSNESS MEETING

Just when you thought Conservative Party politicians couldn't get any more detached from the grim reality of the policies they implement, a Tory Mayor has just been exposed billing the British taxpayer for the...

No Magic Money Tree? The Tories just pledged £5MILLION to pay for Donald Trump...

Despite famously telling a nurse who hadn't had a pay rise in 8 years that there was no 'magic money tree', and in spite of 10 years of devastating cuts to vital public services...
Tories reportedly planning 'further cuts' to NHS and Schools to pay for £205Bn Trident renewal

Tories reportedly planning ‘further cuts’ to NHS and Schools to pay for £205Bn Trident...

Comments today from the Ministry of Defence's National Security Advisor, Mark Sedwill, indicate that the cost of renewing Britain's nuclear defence system, Trident, is going to take either some fancy accounting, cuts to other vital...

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