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Conservative leader Theresa May, who was herself accused of a paedophile cover-up at the Home Office following the destruction of hundreds of documents concerning a child sex abuse ring amongst high-profile members of Parliament.

Two separate Tory Politicians have been convicted of Child Sex Offences in the last...

In two separate cases in the last 48 hours, two predators, both former Tory Mayors, have been convicted of numerous child sex offences, one of which includes the rape of a young girl. Simon Thornton...
Toby Young spoke alongside man who argued raping unconscious children is fine

Toby Young spoke alongside Nazi who argues raping unconscious children is fine

It is fast becoming clear that Toby Young’s controversialist career is far darker than first appeared, with Private Eye drawing attention to his attendance of a secret eugenics conference alongside white supremacists and advocates...

The Tories are literally arguing that 12-year-old child rape victims asked to be raped

Regardless of political differences, there is one thing that usually guarantees consensus from both political parties and the general public - the importance of protecting vulnerable children.  However, it now seems the Conservative government do...