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Right-wing press INVENTED Frankfurt refugee sex attacks

German police are now investigating two individuals accused of faking stories about refugees committing sexual assaults in Frankfurt. The reported “sex mob” of “Arab men” that attacked a market in Frankfurt turns out to...

The Tories have just quietly announced that they are abandoning disabled child refugees

The government will no longer be accepting disabled child refugees. In a stunning example of inhumanity, The Home Office has quietly asked the United Nations Commissioner on Refugees to stop referring those with special...

UKIP campaign in Stoke-on-Trent aided by councillor who mocked immigrants freezing to death

A now ‘independent’ city councillor who mocked the deaths of seventy-one immigrants is helping the fight for UKIP in the upcoming Stoke by-election. The subjects of his joke died in August 2015 inside a...

BBC Newsnight host perfectly explains why blaming immigrants won’t solve anything

James O’Brien, a host of BBC’s Newsnight, has called out the mainstream media for bashing immigrants and refugees while failing to report on what is a damning statistic on poverty in the UK. O’Brien, who...

BBC bosses ‘censored’ Eurovision refugee tribute & replaced it with sketch about meatballs

Love it or loathe it , Eurovision is here to stay - promising the best of Europe's talented (I use this term loosely) singers - intermixed with disturbingly weird dresses and acts. But that's not all...

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