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YouGov Says Blair as leader would DESTROY Labour so The Independent invented their own...

Extensive polling by YouGov shows that Tony Blair returning to Labour would be a complete disaster for the party, and that they would lose 6% of voters to other parties. However, The Independent seem to...

Leytonstone attack; the consequence of Tory cuts to mental health services

Earlier this month, people were horrified to hear of a potential ‘terrorist’ attack taking place at Leytonstone underground station. Reports suggest attacker Muhaydin Mire wielded a knife before uttering ‘this is for Syria’ and...

Labour leadership election: is this the end of ‘real’ democracy?

First reported in July 2015:According to reports in the Independent on Sunday, Labour MPs are already plotting to mount a coup should Jeremy Corbyn ride the wave of hope and optimism and be elected...

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