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UKIP Leader Paul Nuttall accused of antisemitism by former teacher

Now that Paul Nuttalls of the UKIPs is in charge he is beginning to come under some scrutiny. The initial story, discovered by eagle eyed Labour researchers, was his view that the NHS should...

Yes Theresa, some foreigners are to blame: let’s start with the tax avoiding oligarchs...

I remember a few months back listening to Theresa May's rousing speech on the steps of number 10.  I was weeding the carrots on my allotment at the time, so put the strong whiff...

Jeremy Corbyn has just obliterated the Tories in this extraordinary statement

Theresa May's first Tory Conference as leader has addressed many issues, but none have been more controversial that their overtly divisive rhetoric and policy suggestions on immigration.During the conference, Tory ministers suggested policies such...

The Times’ latest Corbyn smear has left the paper’s reputation in tatters

The Murdoch gutter rag masquerading as a quality newspaper, The Times, has today gone full Der Stürmer by using a cartoon depicting Jeremy Corbyn at the helm of a Mersey ferry overladen with migrants....

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