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The Jewish Voice Twitter Account is absolutely DESTROYING the media’s latest Corbyn anti-Semitism smear [TWEETS]

The latest Labour anti-Semitism row began when Labour MP Luciana Berger tweeted about a comment left by Jeremy Corbyn in 2012 on a Facebook post about the impending removal of a mural painted by artist Mear One in East London.

The story has now led to an absolute barrage of attacks on both the Labour Party and Jeremy Corbyn himself by the media for supposedly not doing enough to tackle anti-Semitic views within the party and the wider movement.

Blairites within the party are once again using the situation to disavow the leader they repeatedly attempted to oust but were reluctantly humbled into following last year.

Guardian think pieces are taking the opportunity to painstakingly analyse exactly what Corbyn’s supposed rampant anti-Semitism all means.

And The Sun, The Mail and the Tories are, unsurprisingly, taking the opportunity to focus their fire on the silver-haired upstart. 

The typhoon whips around a picture – a mural of six men who, on closer inspection, have clearly been painted with hooked noses of Jewish stereotype. They are playing monopoly on the backs of what, one assumes, the artist intended to be “the people”. Behind them is a lava-backed Illuminati-pyramid. 

It looks a lot like rich white men in suits controlling the world…

However, to many observers, the apparent ‘Jewishness’ of the people featured in the picture isn’t the first thing you see unless you are deliberately looking for it. The first thing one might notice is perhaps the massive green pyramid in the background, or the fact that it’s a “hoo hah”, a call-to-arms, a viva-la-revolution style picture of furious conspiratorial fight back.

And as Evolve has previously reported:

“The Labour leader has also since indicated that he did not look at the image properly before offering his support to Mear One. Furthermore, numerous Labour MPs have jumped to support the Labour leader after the comment emerged, with one stating that Corbyn doesn’t have an anti-Semitic bone in his body.

However, despite the constant attacks in the Mainstream Media and throughout the Blairite ranks, on Twitter, many – including a large number of Jewish people – aren’t so convinced by the latest Corbyn-smear of choice.

But, most prominently – and completely unreported by the mainstream media – the Jewish Voice (@J_VoiceUK) Twitter account have been extremely outspoken in their support for Corbyn on the matter:

At least where Corbyn is concerned, many things appear to be certain. As long as he is leader of the Labour Party; as long as he promises a new, Socialist Britain; as long as he threatens the current media monopoly; as long as he promises a fairer distribution of the wealth which is currently hoarded by the wealthy; and as long as he works for the poor, the downtrodden and the vulnerable, he is going to continue to be beset by smears. Bets on for the next one? 

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