William J Richardson

Will is a freelance writer at Evolve Politics. He is also doing the BPTC at the University of Law with aspirations of becoming a Barrister. Will has two law degrees and lots of opinions.

Wealth inequality has spiralled out of control. The Brexit debate needs to end so we can ACTUALLY change things.

The news isn't all that surprising, nor unprecedented - that the 26 richest billionaires on planet earth have as much wealth between them as the poorest 3.8 billion human...

Media silent as Tory austerity causes UK Justice System’s digital infrastructure to collapse nationwide for days

Across the UK, email systems for the UK's Justice System - HM Courts and Tribunals Service (HMCTS) - are down, computers are offline and phones aren't working, meaning vital...

City labelled the ‘Poster Child of Corbynomics’ named MOST IMPROVED place in UK to live and work

Research conducted by PriceWaterhouse Coopers, in association with the thinktank, Demos, has named Preston - the UK City whose Labour-run Council's socialist policies saw it labelled the "poster child...

Tory underfunding has just forced an NHS Trust to privatise surgeries to free up bed space for impending Winter crisis

The University Hospitals Plymouth Trust has been forced to move its entire elective orthopaedic service to the private provider, Care UK, in a desperate attempt to free up extra...

The EU’s threat to impose failed economics on Italy shows exactly why Jeremy Corbyn has got it right over Brexit

The week after a yellow and blue star-spangled ocean of europhiles marched through London, heaving in support of a People's Vote, the European Commission (EC) has cracked its knuckles,...

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Lib Dem leader Vince Cable gets utterly castigated over astonishingly hypocritical Saudi arms sales claim

The outgoing leader of the Liberal Democrats, Vince Cable, has been utterly castigated on Twitter after posting an astonishingly hypocritical tweet regarding today's Court...

Boris Johnson published poem caling for “extermination” of ‘verminous Scottish race’

The current front runner for the Conservative Party leadership - and potentially the next Prime Minister of the entire United Kingdom - Boris Johnson,...

Tory Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt slammed after appearing to endorse vile Katie Hopkins ‘Londonistan’ tweet

The Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt has been severely criticised after appearing to endorse a tweet from the almost universally despised far-right rent-a-gob Katie Hopkins...

Lord Sugar backs Boris Johnson for PM despite saying he should be in jail just 8 months ago

Multi-millionaire business owner and outspoken anti-Corbyn critic, Lord Sugar, has backed Boris Johnson to be Prime Minister despite demanding the former Foreign Secretary be...

Boris Johnson has officially chickened out of the live Channel Four Tory leadership debate

The front runner to be the next Conservative Party leader and Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, has officially chickened out of participating in Channel Four's...
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