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Theresa May is seriously considering welcoming Tory MP who used ‘N-word’ back into party

Conservative MP for Newton Abbot, Anne Marie Morris, who was suspended from her party after using the phrase “n***** in the woodpile”, may be allowed to return to the Conservative Party in the near future.

On the subject of Morris’ suspension, a spokesman for the Tory Chief Whip’s office said:

Anne Marie Morris’ suspension is indefinite and will be reviewed from time to time.


It’s not a fixed time and no indication of how long it will be has been given to me.

Given the fact that no fixed timeframe has been issued, and that the Tory spokesman indicates her suspension will be reviewed periodically, this essentially means that Theresa May and her top Tory team are seriously considering welcoming Anne Marie Morris back into the party with open arms, despite her unashamedly racist remark.

Morris, MP for Newton Abbott, originally used the phrase when referring to the possibility of the UK leaving the EU without a deal.

However, since then she has apologised “unreservedly” for the remark she used during a seminar at the East India Club in Central London.

At the time of Morris’ utterance, Theresa May claimed that the language Morris used had

no place in politics or in today’s society

However, May’s tough talk was only followed by Morris’ suspension, rather than an immediate dismissal as anybody else in any other profession would expect for such an obviously racist utterance.

This isn’t exactly the first time the Tories have acted nonchalantly towards flagrant racism in their own ranks.

Just today it emerged that the Tories have welcomed back two disgraced Councillors into the party – one of whom made ‘jokes’ about black people wearing loin cloths and carrying spears, whilst the other had posted deeply offensive remarks aimed at Catholics.

There was also the time Boris Johnson, writing for the Daily Telegraph, called black people “piccaninnies” with “watermelon smiles”, not to mention the article he published whilst editor of The Spectator saying that Caribbeans were “multiplying like flies”.

Oh, and the other one he published that claimed that “blacks have lower IQs”, of course.

Or how about David Cameron’s casual soujourn in 1989 to apartheid South Africa? Funded (of course) by a firm that lobbied against the imposition of sanctions on the brutal regime there.

Everyone enjoys an all-expenses paid holiday. Let’s hope his complementary hotel shampoo was worth it.

In their defence, both men have since apologised for the ensuing furore surrounding their actions, so maybe we should let them off the hook.

After all, that’s exactly what the Tories have done.

Like with Tory Councillor Jim Buckley, who tweeted to Sadiq Khan in 2015:

You next London Mayor? You think his corner shop would be open on a Saturday?

Or councillor Mary Kilpatrick who backed attacks on fasting during Ramadan.

Or Zac Goldsmith’s iniquitous mayoral campaign, during which the controversy surrounding his linking of Khan to anti-Semites and hate preachers was considered a “good thing” by senior campaigners.

Are these incidents just isolated anomalies, said in the heat of the moment for which their authors are truly and deeply repentant?

Possibly. But then why isn’t there enough space in this article to list all the racist allegations and acrimony stirred up by the Tories?

Before contemplating this too hard, make sure you have a glance over this handy dossier compiled by Unite on racism within the Conservative Party first.

Perhaps then you’ll be able to judge for yourself whether the claims are true of the former advisor to both Thatcher and John Major, Derek Laud, that the Conservatives are:

essentially racist

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