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Tories welcome back suspended Councillor who made ‘jokes’ about black people, loin cloths and spears

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A Conservative Councillor who made racist jokes about black people wearing loin cloths and carrying spears has had his suspension lifted and been welcomed back into the party with open arms.

Robert Davies, a Conservative Councillor in Sterling, was suspended from the party just weeks after being elected in May after a vast array of offensive, racist and derogatory tweets were uncovered by the Stirling Observer and the Scottish Catholic Observer.

In 2013, Davies posted a string of offensive tweets about black people.

Captioning a picture of black people waiting to board a cargo plane, Davies wrote:

In the interests of security keep your loin cloths with you at all times. Spears go in the overhead locker.

And captioning the same picture in a separate tweet, Davies also wrote:

No, I am not your lunch. I am your flight attendant.

Another newly elected Tory Councillor in Sterling, Alistair Majury, was also suspended at the same time for posting offensive remarks aimed at Catholics.

Despite the hugely offensive posts, both Davies and Majury have now been welcomed back into the party after have their suspensions lifted.

A spokesman for the Tories attempted to justify their decision to readmit both Councillors, saying:

Having served a suspension, both councillors have been readmitted to the party after offering unreserved apologies for any offence caused.


It has been made abundantly clear that behaviour like this will not be tolerated in future.

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It is clear that the Tories still have a huge problem with racism, backed up by the fact that Evolve Politics has had to report on numerous cases of blatant racism within the Tory ranks already this year:

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Given the mountain of evidence, it’s clear that the Tories aren’t doing nearly enough to eradicate racism within their own ranks.

And this latest decision to lift the suspension of a Councillor who holds blatantly racist views will do nothing to improve the widely held view that the Tories do in fact condone racism.

The Tories use whatever tactics they can get away with in order to stoke up division and hatred. And the only way the public can finally stop them is by kicking up a stink to ensure public opinion sways away from them.

Don’t let them get away with it any longer. Make your voices heard.

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