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Theresa May ‘running scared of democracy’ after tabling motion to shut down Parliament five days early

The Conservative government have been slammed as ‘running scared of British democracy‘ after rumours emerged indicating that Theresa May has tabled a motion proposing to shut down Parliament five days early.

Government sources have now confirmed that the rumours are indeed true, and that Parliament will be voting tomorrow on whether or not to allow MPs to leave five days ahead of schedule.

Many are speculating that the Prime Minister is desperate to bring forward the rising of Parliament in order to avoid further clashes with opposing Brexit factions within her own party – factions which have the potential to topple an increasingly wobbly Prime Minister at any moment.

Parliament is currently scheduled to break up on Tuesday 24th July, but should the Tories’ motion be approved, MPs will be allowed to leave on Thursday 19th July instead.

Labour are reportedly set to vote against the motion.

Some on social media branded the Tories as ‘lazy‘ and slammed Theresa May for running scared of democracy at a critical time in the UK’s history:

Whilst a Labour source reportedly said of the Tories’ proposals:

“It is staggering that the Tories are in such a state they are considering just packing up and going home. Theresa May is running scared of her own MPs.”

Left-wing political commentator Paul Mason believes that the Tories’ proposal to rise early indicates that Theresa May could be planning ‘something big‘ such as either resigning, backing a second referendum or extending the transitional phase of Brexit – all scenarios which would lead to chaos within the party:

Whilst Labour’s Shadow Education Secretary, Angela Rayner, branded the Tories as ‘pathetic’:


Despite widespread speculation, the Tories have so far refused to give a reason for tabling the motion.

We will bring you more news on this story as and when it emerges.

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