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These Daily Mail headlines just one month apart show precisely what’s wrong with the Mainstream Media

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The Daily Mail is, famously, a racist, two-bit, terror-touting, block-fonted fountain of dumb delusion and hysterical howls at immigrant fears, harkening back to its fascist roots behind a vague, nondescript, illusory illustration of patriotism; it is a treacherous, traitorous publication premised on promises of simplicity in a world of black and white-but-mostly-white, run by a reptile with no allegiance except to the systems that maintain his influence; it is a manipulative manual that maintains the social narrative for those without the sophistication to carve one themselves. 

It is, in essence, an utter rag. 

For decades, it and its red-topped literary-compatriots were the last word in British politics, once it had seeped from Parliament and into the periphery of the viewing public. Now, though, with thanks to the internet, the incendiary nonsense of the Daily Mail’s ilk is increasingly available for all to see. 

Take today’s latest ridiculous headline, for instance.

Time was when it would be all that existed in our perception – past headlines having been wrapped around fish, doused in vinegar and tossed aside. Time is, though, when the internet doesn’t forget. 

Just one month ago, on the 17th of April, the Daily Mail was bleeding ink from its black heart over the Windrush Generation:

Daily Mail Front Page April 17th 2018 - Fiasco That Shames Britain - Windrush
Yet today, exactly one month on, The Daily Mail front page now asks without a hint of irony why in the hell, in a democratic country built on due process and the rule of law, we should have to bother proving that illegal immigrants are in fact here illegally before we give them the boot:

Daily Mail Front Page May 17th - Labour's Free For All On Migrants
It is a juxtaposition of such incredible irony that a tweet of the two front pages, spotted by Barrister Jamie Jenkins and captioned with ‘Yeah, still an absolute mystery how Windrush happened…‘, is currently, rightfully, going viral on Twitter:

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Is it really any wonder we have a population so confused over the reality of immigration, and an environment so hostile and adverse to the human dignities of those with foreign accents, when Britain’s supposedly free, billionaire-owned media can routinely get away with feigning morality over the Tories’ vindictive immigration policy one month, and then revert back to their howling, anti-immigrant, hostile environment, deport-first-appeal-later rhetoric the very next.

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Tom D. Rogers

Co-Founder, Contributing Editor

Jess Miller

Co-Founder, Contributing Editor

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