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Things are so bad for the Tories, their own Election Candidates are planning to vote AGAINST themselves. Seriously.

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Jess Miller
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Under the disastrously unpopular leadership of Theresa May, things have now become so toxic within the Conservative Party that a number of their own Tory election candidates have, astoundingly, pledged to vote against themselves in the upcoming European Parliamentary Elections.

According to Sky News reporter Lewis Goodall, several Tory candidates are planning to vote for the Brexit Party rather than themselves in the EU elections at the end of May, with Goodall tweeting:

“Astounding. Am told by a Conservative source that two Tory Euro election candidates on one of the party’s regional lists are in fact voting for the Brexit party in those elections. Even the Tory candidates are voting for someone else. That’s where we are at.”

Furthermore, a separate Tory Candidate informed Goodall that:

“I am on the ballot and I will NOT BE VOTING FOR MYSELF (how bad have things become??) – I’m an activist for my Party.. I never left my Party, my Party left me (with the absolute shower that it has at the top re Brexit)”

The clearly exasperated Tory Candidate also went on to add:

“I’ll start campaigning for the Party again once we’ve left the EU… & I’m not some ERG type; I’m a ‘moderate’.. we’re going to get slaughtered 1. TODAY 2. EUROS 3. PETERBOROUGH”

Amid the government’s failure to negotiate Brexit, and with the emergence of Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party, support for the Conservative Party has plummeted in every recent poll.

Furthermore, even though Farage’s Brexit Party are not standing in today’s Local Elections, reports predict that the Conservatives could face staggering losses of more than 1,000 councillors.

A total of 8,374 council seats are up for grabs today, with polling stations due to start counting when ballots close at 10PM.

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