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Tory DWP Secretary David Gauke just suggested Jacob Rees-Mogg was not a ‘reputable politician’

After attempting to make a joke about Labour’s Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell, Conservative DWP Secretary David Gauke managed to suggest that Jacob Rees-Mogg and 17 other Tory MPs were not ‘reputable politicians’.

Gauke had been tweeting about the Russian state broadcaster, Russia Today (RT), and how he had apparently declined the opportunity of an interview with the news outlet yesterday.

In a pitiful attempt to smear Labour’s Shadow Chancellow John McDonnell, the DWP Secretary tweeted his version of events, stating on Twitter that:

Yesterday, on College Green, RT reporter and camera crew came up to me asking questions.


ME: I don’t do interviews with RT.




ME: You’re a propaganda station. Reputable politicians don’t do interviews with RT.


INTERVIEWER: We’ve just had John McDonnell on.

However, after numerous Twitter users had already rebuked Gauke for missing 18 absolutely crucial facts about his version of events, RT themselves decided to get involved to set the DWP Secretary straight.

Replying in hilarious fashion to Gauke, RT replied:

Are your fellow Tory MPs Andrew Mitchell, Peter Bone, Michael Fabricant, Philip Davies, David Davies, Nigel Evans, Sir David Amess, Crispin Blunt, Mike Freer, Daniel Kawczynski, Jacob Rees-Mogg, Steve Baker and Craig Whittaker not reputable?

Yes, in a typically cringeworthy attempt to criticise Labour’s John McDonnell, David Gauke had somehow managed to forget that many of his own colleagues in the Tory party have actually taken money from the Russian state broadcaster for appearances on the channel.

In fact, the number of Tory MPs that have appeared on RT is so numerous that RT themselves even managed to miss some names off their list.

In addition to the 13 MPs they listed in their reply to Gauke, RT also managed to miss out another 5 Tory MPs who have appeared on the channel –  Kwasi Kwarteng, Bill Cash, Bob Neill, Johnny Mercer, and Andrew Rosindell.

And, hilariously – in a fact that also mysteriously seemed to have slipped David Gauke’s mind at the time of his ill-conceived tweet – Tory MPs have actually appeared on the Russian State broadcaster far more than Labour politicians, as a brilliant investigation by Political Scrapbook proved earlier this year.

Along with numerous Tory MPs appearing on the Kremlin-backed broadcaster, Evolve Politics also exclusively revealed earlier today that the Tory Party has received £1.8m in the last 7 years from Putin’s cronies.

Gauke is no stranger to controversy, having been embroiled in numerous scandals during his time as a Conservative politician.

The DWP Secretary came under fire in 2014 after it was revealed he had pocketed a staggering £27,000 of profit made from the sale of his taxpayer funded second home.

Despite the financial irregularities he was embroiled in, Gauke had previously suggested that it was ‘morally wrong’ to pay tradesman cash in hand in order to avoid VAT.

In his role as DWP secretary, Gauke has recently come under significant pressure over the botched roll-out of the already widely-hated Universal Credit scheme. Research published earlier this year indicated that a staggering 4 out of 5 claimants transferred onto the new all-in-one benefit were now facing the prospect of eviction.

Given his current lack of self awareness regarding the horrors encountered by many of those transferred on to Universal Credit, it is not surprising that Gauke has also decided to ignore the fact that he is also blatantly denigrating numerous Tory colleagues with his ill conceived Russia Today tweet.

After mountains of evidence detailing numerous Universal Credit horror stories have come to light in recent weeks, Gauke has displayed a despicably uncaring stubbornness in pushing forward unabated with the roll-out.

And Gauke’s latest bout of stubborn unrepentance on Twitter will do his already atrocious reputation absolutely no favours whatsoever.

Given everything he’s done previously, Gauke really does have some brass neck attempting to criticise others for supposedly being disreputable.

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