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Tory Youth Advocate and ‘politics lover’ Georgia ‘Toff’ Toffolo just wished Stalin a happy birthday

Most people nowadays will have heard of Georgia Toffolo.

She’s the Tory-loving maid of Made in Chelsea – the girl with the mouthful of plums and an extraordinarily annoying faux-ditziness – because in the age of late capitalism we are apparently obliged to worship ignorance.

Indeed, to prove the point, she also recently won I’m a Celeb. 

And everybody knows Joseph Stalin. You know, Uncle Joe? The guy who slaughtered his way to the top of Russia’s Communist party hierarchy, then slaughtered his way through Russia itself. Everybody remembers him – right?

Yes, despite labeling herself a ‘Politics lover’ on her Twitter bio, and despite also recently declaring that she’d love to become a Tory MP one day, Georgia ‘Toff’ Toffolo has apparently never heard of Stalin.

Twitter user @Jules__R sent what they must have initally thought was an extremely hopeful prank tweet to Toff, asking the I’m A Celeb Winner and avid Tory youth advocate whether she would wish their ‘Great Uncle Joe’ a happy birthday.

Jules said that his Great Uncle Joe was a ‘lifelong activist’, and attached an incredibly famous photo of Stalin in his younger days:

Stalin Georgia Toff Toffalo Happy Birthday

However, in her infinite political wisdom, Toff – as she apparently unironically likes to be called – failed to recognise the young dictator, deciding to simply wish Jules’ “Great Uncle Joe” a happy birthday instead.


Stalin Georgia Toff Toffalo Happy Birthday

And just to emphasise the point that she hadn’t the foggiest idea who Stalin actually was, it took her quite a while to actually delete her ill-judged birthday wish:

The Best The Tories Can Get

As a card-carrying member of the Tories, Georgia likes telling people she really loves politics. She is the celebrity vanguard of the Tory yoof and seems to think that having a vague opinion about business and low taxes is commendable. 

Unfortunately, a base knowledge of history is a prerequisite of a political opinion, since those that don’t have that base knowledge are doomed to repeat it. 

Alas, this is the age of vapidity and the ignorant are heard as loud, if not louder than, the well-informed.

Bright side: If she’s representative of the Tory youth grass roots (and judging by the accident-in-the-shallow-end that is Activate, she is), then Momentum have nothing to fear any time soon. 

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