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WATCH: BBC edits out Question Time audience laughing at Boris Johnson for their news clip [VIDEO]

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The BBC has been slammed on social media and accused of ‘blatant pro-Tory bias’ after it emerged that they had edited out audience laughter directed at the Prime Minister Boris Johnson during last night’s Question Time for a segment used in their daytime news coverage.

During last night’s Question Time Leaders’ debate, the Prime Minister was booed as he walked on to stage, and was openly laughed at by the audience after being asked a question about whether the public could trust him.

The first audience member to question Johnson asked him:

Hello Prime Minister. I’d just like to ask you how important is it for someone in your position of power to always tell the truth?

In the original footage, the rest of the audience responded to the question by applauding and openly laughing at Johnson – in no small part due to the PM’s incredible track record for lying.

However, astonishingly, in the BBC’s reporting of last night’s Question Time Leaders’ debate on today’s News at One, the segment appears to have been deliberately edited to entirely remove the audience laughter.

You can watch the original footage alongside the footage used on today’s BBC News at One below:

The BBC have already encountered numerous controversies during the General Election campaign – all of which just happened to be negative towards Labour and in favour of the Conservatives.

In the last 3 weeks, the BBC has encountered criticism after:

  • Falsely framing Labour’s free broadband policy as “Communism”
  • Using 3-year old footage of Boris Johnson at the Cenotaph which just happened to exclude the PM’s numerous Remembrance Day gaffes
  • BBC Chiefs were accused of saying it would bewrong for the BBC to expose Boris Johnson’s lies because it undermines trust in democracy

Given the BBC’s numerous pro-Tory “errors” during the first few weeks of the General Election campaign, it is entirely unsurprising that they have again been widely criticised over yet another “gaffe” which just so happens to benefit the Tories:


The BBC has not yet responded to the widespread criticism over their latest pro-Tory “gaffe”.

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