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Watch: Education Secretary Nicky Morgan heckled by teachers, walks off stage in silence

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Education Secretary Nicky Morgan has had a bit of a bad day. She was invited to speak at the NASUWT’s teaching conference where she told teachers that all schools will become academies – and that teachers should be more positive to stop young people being put off a career in teaching. (Has she ever stopped to think why are teachers unhappy?) Ms Morgan also told teachers off for talking about a teaching crisis despite six unions warning that a national crisis is looming as there are not enough teachers. 

In Ms Morgan’s speech she is heckled by angry and upset teachers who laugh throughout her speech with many people shouting “rubbish”. Ironically, the Education Secretary comes across as a new and naive teacher who is unable to control her class. At one point she scolds the audience, telling them “you should listen to your achievements!” as if she was talking to children.

She then told teachers that they should be trying to improve education, and that teaching unions should accept the White Paper proposals (where all schools will become academies and Qualified Teacher Status is scrapped) and shut up.

Jeez. No wonder she was heckled! After her speech there was a smattering of polite applause then dead silence. Awkward.

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