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WATCH: If you STILL vote Tory after watching this video, you should be UTTERLY ashamed of yourself. [VIDEO]

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It is an undeniable fact that Britain is in the midst of a housing crisis. Rough sleeping has more than doubled since 2010. The number of families in emergency accommodation has risen by 60% in the same period. And the number of people dying on the streets of Britain has skyrocketed by over 100% in just the last 5 years. These shocking figures are no coincidence.

Whilst ordinary people like you and me have literally seen our wages fall in the last 8 years, the cost of living has, and still is, rising exponentially – with rents, mortgage payments, food bills, energy bills and council tax all skyrocketing. Like me, the majority of Brits will have noticed a huge squeeze on their monthly finances over the last 8 years or so.

Yet, despite this provable catalogue of failures by the current government – failures which are drastically effecting countless people across the country and pushing numerous families to the brink – around 40% of Brits are STILL said to be willing to vote for the current government, the Tories.

Brexit is a huge reason why many are voting for the Tories. But, as Nigel Farage himself said:

“Brexit was never going to solve ANY of our domestic problems. What Brexit does it give a British government the opportunity to do things differently.

And the former UKIP leader was completely right – leaving the EU by itself will simply give the British government the opportunity to fix things without being able to blame anybody else for their failures. But by itself, Brexit will be no magic fix unless we have a government who are truly willing to improve things for ordinary people.

The Tories’ track record is extremely well-known. They are, and always have been, the party primarily of the rich, with policies simply designed to benefit the rich and powerful. And after Brexit, the ideology they have held since the party was created is not going to simply change. They will still, as they always have done, do everything possible to consolidate their own power – by pushing through policies that intentionally put more power and money into the hands of those who already hold power and wealth – such as super-rich corporations over trade unions made up of ordinary workers, and such as employers over workers, or your landlord over you, the tenant.

The cost of having a Tory government in charge is always the same – ordinary people like us see our wages go down, and the cost of essential things like food and rent goes up. All this whilst the already rich and powerful landlords and wealthy business owners – benefiting from Tory tax cuts for the rich – increase their wealth, increase their stranglehold over ordinary people, and end up laughing all the way to the bank whilst the number of homeless people dying on the streets of our country is skyrocketing. It’s a sick ideology.

After over two decades of British governments who were so middle-of-the-road that they were virtually indistinguishable from one another, and with the public crying out for a politician who was different – someone who truly was willing to put ordinary people’s interests first rather than the interests of the rich and powerful – Britain was finally given it in 2015.

Unsurprisingly, the tax-avoiding billionaire-owned UK media completely tore into him from the very beginning – simply because he truly wanted to transfer wealth from rich people like them by making them pay their fair share of taxes, back into the hands of ordinary people through policies such as capping rents and initiating a huge house-building programme (which would see rent prices drop drastically through falling demand).

Labour are fully committed to seeing Brexit through – and if people want true change in this country, we finally have a party who are willing to do it – with a man who has an unblemished 40-year track history of standing up for the interests of ordinary people over the rich and powerful.

If you truly want our country to change for the better – if you want homelessness to be solved once and for all; if you desperately need a real pay rise; if you’re crying out for a little more financial security; or if you simply want a stable roof over your head and a little comfort in your life –  but are thinking of voting Tory simply because of their stance on Brexit, I implore you to watch the video below and then make your decision:

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Jess Miller

Co-Founder, Contributing Editor

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