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Ian is a writer and ethical entrepreneur. He writes a regular column for Retail Week Magazine as well as contributing comment pieces for Huffington Post and national newspapers and magazines. He writes on politics, the environment, ethical consumerism, technology, and animal and human rights. He's a trained psychologist, musician, runner, hiker, allotmenteer, vegan, humanist, beer lover and committed atheist. He has appeared on BBC TV and local and national radio and was The Green Party Parliamentary candidate for North Oxfordshire in 2015 and 2017.



"Utterly shameful" Tories wasted £3m in failed attempt to privatise NHS staffing agency

“Utterly shameful” Tories wasted £3m in botched attempt to privatise NHS...

Britain's most senior Doctor has described the government as 'utterly shameful' after it was revealed that the Tories had wasted almost £3m of taxpayer's...


When you actually break things down, the notion of ‘Nationalism’ really...

As the Brexit process sputters on, like a bus in a minefield, hardcore Leavers continue to snatch at opportunities to proclaim its tortured logic....