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Activate’s first official video is so dreadful you’ll probably wee yourself a bit reading the replies

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Were they hacked or weren’t they? Are they actually an unbelievably straight-faced parody account or real? Nobody really knows.

Yes, despite the fact that Evolve literally infiltrated Activate for an entire week, and that we can absolutely verify the fact that they are a bona fide organisation full of blue-blooded Conservatives, even we are starting to doubt whether or not they’re actually intentionally trying to take the piss out of themselves.

Since Evolve’s Senior Editor finished their undercover operation and ceased giving Activate possibly the only professional social media advice they’ve actually received in their short existence, things really have gone from dreadful to truly f*cking incompetent for Activate’s ham-fisted ‘spokesman’ Sam Ancliff.

Fresh from many other disgracefully incompetent things last week, failed politician Sam Ancliff decided to brighten up everybody’s weekend by unintentionally demeaning his own organisation.

In a particularly feisty tweet, presumably intending to mock Evolve’s infiltration into Activate, Ancliff said:

Cochrane Infiltrated an asylum
Terrill infiltrated illegal poachers.

Before adding an incandescent knockout blow, stating that Evolve Politics had only:

infiltrated a youth club

Ancliff, after seemingly finally graduating from hashtag night-classes, also hilariously added:

#wannabejournalists #socute

So, in the process of trying to insult our organisation for making a complete and utter fool of him, Activate spokesman Sam Ancliff inadvertently let slip that his own organisation was in fact merely a ‘youth club’.


And now, Activate’s inept social media team have decided to outdo even the hackers by posting a video that looks like it was made by a child on a computer from the 1980s.

With video quality and graphics so bad they would probably see a GCSE media student thrown off the course for taking the p*ss, Activate’s spokesman attempted to connect with the youth by describing the precise reasons why he is a Tory in just 60 seconds.

Besides the 8-bit graphics, the awfully produced blue screen that actually flickers over Sam’s face in quite a few very noticeable places, there is one other particularly glaring error:

Despite hashtagging their video #ToryIn60Sec, the video actually lasts for 65 seconds.

As always with our Activate stories, Evolve takes no responsibility… hilarity induced injuries… etc etc.

Go on, take a look at the utter monstrosity for yourself below.


Yes. This is a real, serious video. Apparently.

The replies to Activate’s latest epic social media fail were not kind:


Of course Evolve had to chirp in with a few of our own:

Activate really are the gift that truly does keep on giving. In fact, we are probably enjoying their ‘real’ tweets almost as much as the ‘hacker’s’.

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