Stephen Miller

Writer for EvolvePolitics, millennial, pianist, socialist.

Body of ‘loving Foster Carer’ found in sea after she was evicted due to Tory bedroom tax and housing benefit cuts

Just days after being evicted from her home, the body of Margaret Blenman was discovered by a fisherman close to Brighton Marina at around 06:30 on November 19th last...

The ‘best democracies’ in the world have been revealed, and 7 out of the top 10 are Corbyn-esque social democracies

The Economist Intelligence Unit has released its 2017 Democracy Index, which this year ranked 167 countries on a scale of 0 to 10 in terms of how well each...

Six months after the Manchester terror attack, the Tories STILL haven’t honoured their financial promise

Theresa May is failing on her promise to pay a £17m bill to Manchester City Council, nearly six months after the Manchester terror attack. Police, NHS and counselling costs have yet...

The poppy has literally been hijacked by fascists. I no longer feel comfortable wearing it.

Am I disrespectful for choosing not to wear a red poppy? In some quarters, not wearing one makes me a ‘traitor’. It means I ‘hate my country’ or that...

The Tories have just dragged the UK’s Credit Rating down to the lowest it’s ever been

The news that Moody's Investor Services has downgraded the UK's credit rating from AA1 to AA2 comes just hours after Theresa May's lacklustre Florence speech. The UK's new credit rating...

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I’m a Remainer, but the Lib Dems’ plan to simply cancel Brexit is truly despicable

Yesterday, members of the Liberal Democrats voted to change their Brexit policy. From previously supporting a second referendum in order to resolve the issue,...

New poll shows Labour have a real chance of ousting the Tories in 2019 General Election

A new opinion poll has revealed that Jeremy Corbyn's Labour Party have a huge chance of ousting the Conservative Party and forming the next...

BREAKING: Anti-Corbyn Labour MP John Mann quits to work for the Tory government. Yes, seriously.

Labour MP John Mann, who has repeatedly lambasted Jeremy Corbyn and his socialist platform, and who has repeatedly voted in favour of the government's...

Luciana Berger forgot to delete numerous anti-Lib Dem posts before joining the Lib Dems

The former Labour MP for Wavertree, Luciana Berger, today announced that she was joining the Liberal Democrats after a brief stint in the slowly...

Senior Financial Times journalist appears to call out the BBC for ‘pro-Boris Johnson bias’

A senior journalist for the Financial Times (FT) has questioned the BBC over their reporting on Boris Johnson's first outing at Prime Minister's Questions...
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