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BBC’s Laura Kuenssberg was invited to speak at the Tory Conference by Iain Duncan...

The BBC's Political Editor, Laura Kuenssberg, was invited to speak at the Conservative Party Conference on October 1st, sparking fresh concerns about the BBC's 'cosy' relationship with senior members of the Tory party. As first...

Report reveals biased BBC has “high dependency” on the Conservatives for statistics

A study by Cardiff University’s School of Journalism, Media and Cultural Studies has revealed that the BBC has a “high dependency” on the Conservative Party for statistics. The study was used by the BBC...

Researchers preparing to SUE the BBC over biased Jeremy Corbyn coverage

The Media Reform Coalition are considering legal action against the BBC due to the “clear and consistent bias” shown against Jeremy Corbyn in their news coverage – and have even gone as far to...

‘Paranoid’ Jeremy Hunt thinks the BBC are conspiring against him to make him look...

Letters between Jeremy Hunt and the BBC Head of News have emerged that reveal the Secretary's efforts to suppress criticism. They seem to suggest a paranoid, conspiracy mindset from the Health Secretary. They also...

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