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Another Two Tory Councillors Have Been 'Suspended for Islamophobia' TODAY alone

Another Two Tory Councillors Have Been ‘Suspended for Islamophobia’ TODAY alone

Just over 24 hours after the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) reiterated its call for an independent inquiry into "Islamophobia in the Tory Party", another two Conservative Councillors have just been suspended from the...

Tories welcome back suspended Councillor who made ‘jokes’ about black people, loin cloths and...

A Conservative Councillor who made racist jokes about black people wearing loin cloths and carrying spears has had his suspension lifted and been welcomed back into the party with open arms. Robert Davies, a...

Official Conservative Twitter account tweets ‘disgusting’ racist attack on Diane Abbott

An official Conservative Twitter account tweeted a 'disgusting' racist attack on the Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott before swiftly deleting it. The tweet was posted by @DigitalTories, an official Conservative Twitter account waging a 'digital...

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