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Deluded Brexiteer living in Germany installs post-WWII army tank in garden – as a...

An English businessman who lives in Germany celebrated Brexit by creating a 'Little Britain' in his garden. Gary Blackburn's 'homage to British culture' includes a life-sized model of the Queen, a model propellor plane -...

Right-wing press INVENTED Frankfurt refugee sex attacks

German police are now investigating two individuals accused of faking stories about refugees committing sexual assaults in Frankfurt. The reported “sex mob” of “Arab men” that attacked a market in Frankfurt turns out to...

A German Neo-Nazi shot four police officers today, and the mainstream media are barely...

In the German city of Georgensgmünd four police officers have been gunned down by a neo-Nazi activist, attached to the Reichsbürger movement – an extreme right-wing organisation that considers the current German federal state...

With Nationalism on the rise throughout Europe, is Brexit a leap into international instability?

The referendum is looming. A referendum which could perhaps make or break Europe. On June 23rd, the British public will be braced with the opportunity to vote to decide the United Kingdom's future in...

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