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Labour Purge: Corbyn-backing elected Councillor suspended for ‘being rude at a meeting’

As the latest Labour Leadership election nears its conclusion, the NEC - Labour's governing body - has begun what some are calling a 'purge' against Corbyn-supporting members. Over the last week we have seen new...

Labour Purge in overdrive as Corbyn supporter is banned for posting about the FOO...

Labour are becoming increasingly desperate to ban Corbyn supporters from voting in the upcoming Labour leadership election between Jeremy Corbyn and Owen Smith. There are plenty of Facebook posts and Tweets about Labour members who...

Labour leadership election: is this the end of ‘real’ democracy?

First reported in July 2015:According to reports in the Independent on Sunday, Labour MPs are already plotting to mount a coup should Jeremy Corbyn ride the wave of hope and optimism and be elected...

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