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Fake News Awards 2017 - The Winners

REVEALED: The Winners – The Fake News Awards 2017

Well, we asked and you answered. The polls are closed and this year’s winners, sterling candidates all, have been decided. Not having corporate sponsors, we’ve dispensed with rousing classical tunes between awards, but did find...

Watch: James O’Brien just forensically annihilated the Tories and the media for underestimating Corbyn

James O'Brien has proven himself to be a rare gem amongst a sea of monotone mainstream political commentators in Britain today. Whilst those on the left probably won't agree with all of his views, the...
Theresa May LBC Interview 11th May 2017

Theresa May’s excruciating performance on LBC showed exactly why she’s petrified of debating real...

With an admittedly-jaundiced attitude to the mainstream media, I tuned in to hear LBC’s Nick Ferrari grill Prime Minister Theresa May. I was hoping for Ferrari to probe her firmly, asking tough questions while...

BBC Newsnight host perfectly explains why blaming immigrants won’t solve anything

James O’Brien, a host of BBC’s Newsnight, has called out the mainstream media for bashing immigrants and refugees while failing to report on what is a damning statistic on poverty in the UK. O’Brien, who...

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