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London has lost 1,850 Police Officers because of Tory cuts - no wonder gang crime is soaring

Sadiq Khan is NOT to blame for skyrocketing gang crime – Tory Cuts have...

London is gripped by a violent and gang-crime epidemic. With the death toll so far this year at over 50 people in the country's capital, questions are being asked of the Metropolitan Police and...

Parsons Green: If the Tories get their way on driver-only trains, bombs will NEVER...

London’s transport system has just been rocked by another terror attack, but this time, thankfully, there were no fatalities.  The threat level has only just been moved down from critical to severe, but with increased...

The BBC just broadcast a sign calling the Tories ‘c*nts’

Tens of thousands of people have gathered in London today to take part in the #NotOneDayMore protests against the shambolic Tory government and it's continuing failed agenda of austerity. The event, organised by The People's...

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