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BBC Newsnight host perfectly explains why blaming immigrants won’t solve anything

James O’Brien, a host of BBC’s Newsnight, has called out the mainstream media for bashing immigrants and refugees while failing to report on what is a damning statistic on poverty in the UK. O’Brien, who...

The Times’ latest Corbyn smear has left the paper’s reputation in tatters

The Murdoch gutter rag masquerading as a quality newspaper, The Times, has today gone full Der Stürmer by using a cartoon depicting Jeremy Corbyn at the helm of a Mersey ferry overladen with migrants....

The Great Wall of Calais: A Trump ‘solution’ is no solution

Work is set to begin on the construction of a 4m (13ft) concrete wall that will run along both sides of the main road that leads in to the port of Calais. The wall...