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Thousands of anti-homelessness protestors planning to line the route of royal wedding in May

Thousands of anti-homelessness protesters planning to line the route of royal wedding in May

In response to the Tories' demands for Windsor police to forcibly clear the streets of homeless people in a despicably callous attempt to 'clean up' the area's image before the royal wedding, Evolve Politics...

If you’re not outraged about the Tories’ £100m ‘Royal Brexit Yacht’, you’re not looking...

Britain is currently facing unprecedented economic uncertainty over a looming 'no-deal Brexit'. We have Tory austerity grinding the NHS to the bone; making record numbers of children homeless, and creating a desperate housing shortage that...

There is literally no evidence that the monarchy makes any profit for UK taxpayers...

On Friday, Evolve Politics reported on the story that Buckingham Palace is to undergo a 10-year refurbishment that will cost the taxpayer £369m. That's an increase of 66% in spending on the monarchy in...

BBC show extraordinary ignorance as they avoid inconvenient truth for Queen’s birthday.

This week, the Queen will reach the 'grand old age' of 90, and in honour of the occasion the Palace's PR Department has been working overtime to ensure maximum publicity with positive stories and...

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