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WATCH: Activate’s ex-spokesman just spent 7 excruciating minutes being utterly humiliated live on the BBC

It’s called ‘silly-season’ for a reason. And this year has certainly not disappointed.

As per usual, political silly-season 2017 has produced many monumental debacles, but none can possibly compare to the sheer unadulterated hilarity produced by the astoundingly amateur Tory-youth movement, Activate.

It started with a startlingly cringing meme that could easily have been created by someone’s grandma. And ever so gradually, Activate’s public persona has morphed into what can only be described as a mix between some unmissably hypnotic satirical car-crash, and bone-achingly embarrasing Conservative reality.

As ex-Activate spokeman Sam Ancliff said during his excruciating appearance on the BBC’s Daily Politics show yesterday, the two-week old Tory youth group has indeed had a few ‘teething problems’ since launching.

After their unofficial launch began with a much-maligned 15 year old meme, Activate has since suffered numerous highly damaging leaks featuring despicable genocide-related comments from members of their leadership team.

As well as the now-infamous comments about ‘gassing chavs’ and ‘shooting peasants’, other extremely offensive videos and tweets belonging to Activate founders surfaced.

And just last Thursday, Activate’s Twitter account mysteriously decided to post yet another ridiculously out-of-date Star Wars related meme – containing not one but two spelling mistakes, as well including the pitifully out-of-touch hashtags #meme and #retweet AGAIN.


Just as quickly as this second roundly-ridiculed meme was posted, it was just as swiftly deleted from the account with another tweet blaming the post on a supposed ‘hack’.


And, just when things seemed as if they couldn’t possibly get worse for Activate’s barely-formed organisation, their Twitter account succumbed to yet another hack, this time appearing to come from an internal pro-Jacob Rees Mogg faction.

Activate, who launced themselves on the basis of maintaining neutrality towards the precarious Conservative leadership position, had now openly declared on their official Twitter account that they were supporting Jacob Rees-Mogg for Tory leader – a decision which Activate’s spokesman Sam Ancliff was apparently not involved in.


And to make matters even more shambolic for the Activate spokesman, just before Ancliff’s live appearance on the BBC’s Daily Politics show on Tuesday, Activate posted the following message on their official Twitter account, disowning Sam Ancliff entirely:


And, with absolutely no time to pull out, Sam Ancliff – Activate’s now former-spokesperson – was left to muddle his way through an utter car crash of a live interview on the BBC.

You can view the interview below.

[WARNING: Evolve Politics does not accept responsibility for any hilarity-related injuries sustained as a result of watching the following monstrously embarrasing video.]

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8OoNT1m9REE[/embedyt]

Even though the damage had clearly already been done during this shambolic interview, Activate’s official Twitter account just kept on pouring petrol onto the already-rampaging inferno within the organisation:


And if that wasn’t enough,  Activate posted this to their official account just minutes later. [Wait for it]:


And still, Activate continue to post shockingly bad memes that seriously blur the boundaries between satire and reality:

There was this disastrously poor pun:


Then there was this really quite worrying Bill and Ted rip off:


And finally there was this shockingly offensive anti-Momentum, anti-working class meme:


Twitter really didn’t know how to react:

Well, we’ve certainly had fun, Activate. It truly would be a shame to see your wonderfully entertaining organisation implode under the weight of all this much-deserved mockery.

Please, do carry on for as long as you can. We are thoroughly enjoying the show.

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