Jess Miller

Passionate about cats and education. I'm not as pathetic as that sounds.

Furious voters launch High Court action after 10 Tory Councillors are elected with more votes than ballots issued

Furious voters have launched legal action to demand an official recount after ten Conservative Party candidates were elected as Councillors in the May 2nd Local Elections by being awarded...

Things are so bad for the Tories, their own Election Candidates are planning to vote AGAINST themselves. Seriously.

Under the disastrously unpopular leadership of Theresa May, things have now become so toxic within the Conservative Party that a number of their own Tory election candidates have, astoundingly,...

BREAKING: Theresa May SACKS Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson

The Prime Minister Theresa May has sacked her Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson following an investigation into an information leak from the National Security Council (NCS). Information leaked from the NCS...

WATCH: Furious pro-Brexit protester caught attacking anti-Brexit activist outside Parliament [VIDEO]

A furious pro-Brexit protester sporting a banner saying "we want our country back" has been caught on film attacking an anti-Brexit activist outside Parliament. You can watch the short clip...

This Tory Brexiteer is outraged that EU Nationals are being informed of their right to vote in UK Elections

A pro-Brexit Tory MP has been severely criticised and accused of 'hating democracy' after appearing to show disgust over the fact that Councils across the country are sending letters...

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Boris Johnson published poem caling for “extermination” of ‘verminous Scottish race’

The current front runner for the Conservative Party leadership - and potentially the next Prime Minister of the entire United Kingdom - Boris Johnson,...

Tory Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt slammed after appearing to endorse vile Katie Hopkins ‘Londonistan’ tweet

The Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt has been severely criticised after appearing to endorse a tweet from the almost universally despised far-right rent-a-gob Katie Hopkins...

Lord Sugar backs Boris Johnson for PM despite saying he should be in jail just 8 months ago

Multi-millionaire business owner and outspoken anti-Corbyn critic, Lord Sugar, has backed Boris Johnson to be Prime Minister despite demanding the former Foreign Secretary be...

Boris Johnson has officially chickened out of the live Channel Four Tory leadership debate

The front runner to be the next Conservative Party leader and Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, has officially chickened out of participating in Channel Four's...

WATCH: Disabled comedian Francesca Martinez annihilates Tories over austerity deaths in passionate awe-inspiring speech [VIDEO]

Disabled comedian and political activist Francesca Martinez just produced one of the most memorable and poignant political moments in recent history on tonight's episode...
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