Jess Miller

Passionate about cats and education. I'm not as pathetic as that sounds.

The Guardian in racism row after implying Labour may have ‘relied on Asian voters’ for Peterborough by-election victory

The supposedly progressive media outlet, The Guardian, has come in for significant criticism and allegations of racism after appearing to claim that Labour may have 'relied on Asian voters'...

Tories suffer worst Peterborough election result since 1886 – Sky News claims it’s not that bad

The Conservative Party suffered their worst election result in Peterborough since 1886, with their vote share plummeting by a staggering 25.5% to finish in third place behind Labour and...

WATCH: Owen Jones eloquently explains exactly why nobody should feel sorry for Theresa May [VIDEO]

As you will almost certainly have already heard, Theresa May has finally announced her resignation as Prime Minister on June 7th - issuing an uncharacteristically human-sounding departure speech, which...

Furious voters launch High Court action after 10 Tory Councillors are elected with more votes than ballots issued

Furious voters have launched legal action to demand an official recount after ten Conservative Party candidates were elected as Councillors in the May 2nd Local Elections by being awarded...

Things are so bad for the Tories, their own Election Candidates are planning to vote AGAINST themselves. Seriously.

Under the disastrously unpopular leadership of Theresa May, things have now become so toxic within the Conservative Party that a number of their own Tory election candidates have, astoundingly,...

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Tom Watson will “almost certainly” be removed as Labour Deputy Leader today at Conference vote

Labour sources have told Evolve Politics that Tom Watson will almost certainly be removed as the party's Deputy Leader during a crucial vote scheduled...

Current serving Tory Minister accused of aiming Islamophobic abuse at Muslim Tory colleague

A current serving Conservative Party Minister and other "very senior members of the Conservative Party" have been accused of directing Islamophobic comments towards a...

WATCH: Labour PPC Faiza Shaheen calls David Cameron a “tw*t” live on daytime BBC

Labour's Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Chingford and Woodgreen, Faiza Shaheen, sparked hilarity on social media after labelling the former Prime Minister, David Cameron, a...

I’m a Remainer, but the Lib Dems’ plan to simply cancel Brexit is truly despicable

Yesterday, members of the Liberal Democrats voted to change their Brexit policy. From previously supporting a second referendum in order to resolve the issue,...

New poll shows Labour have a real chance of ousting the Tories in 2019 General Election

A new opinion poll has revealed that Jeremy Corbyn's Labour Party have a huge chance of ousting the Conservative Party and forming the next...
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