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WATCH: Andrew Neil forensically deconstructs flustered Tory MP over shameful NHS underfunding [VIDEO]

Credit where credit's due: despite being the Chairman of the group that owns two major pro-Tory publications - The Telegraph and The Spectator - the BBC's Daily Politics host Andrew Neil is never afraid...
WATCH: Andrew Neil just utterly creamed a Tory MP over ridiculous Corbyn Czech Spy Cabinet smears [VIDEO]

WATCH: Andrew Neil just utterly mangled a Tory MP over ridiculous Corbyn Czech Spy...

The presenter of the BBC's Daily Politics show, Andrew Neil, is not exactly renowned for being a big believer in socialism, and probably couldn't be counted as Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn's biggest fan -...
WATCH: Furious Labour MP savages BBC for 'media blackout' of Corbyn Peace Prize [VIDEO]

WATCH: Furious Labour MP savages BBC for ‘media blackout’ of Corbyn Peace Prize [VIDEO]

Labour MP Chris Williamson has blasted the BBC for a 'media blackout' after the corporation willingly ignored the fact that Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn had been awarded with an International Peace Prize in Geneva...

Researchers preparing to SUE the BBC over biased Jeremy Corbyn coverage

The Media Reform Coalition are considering legal action against the BBC due to the “clear and consistent bias” shown against Jeremy Corbyn in their news coverage – and have even gone as far to...
Laura Kuenssberg anti-Corbyn

BBC admit intentionally damaging Corbyn leadership with contrived live resignation

According to the Media Reform Coalition, Corbyn was ‘systematically undermined’ and attacked by the British press as soon as he became leader. These damning figures show that sixty percent of the pieces involving Corbyn...

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