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New CAA report shows conclusively that Tory voters are far more anti-Semitic than Labour...

New in-depth research shows that Labour voters, the young and Remain voters are the least anti-Semitic group in the country.And that conversely, Tory voters, Leavers voters and older people are much more anti-Semitic.The research...

LISTEN: Tory MP exposed saying a Brexit no deal is a ‘real ni***r in...

A Brexit-backing Conservative MP has described the UK leaving the European Union without any kind of deal as a “real n***** in the woodpile” at a meeting of Conservative Brexiteers.Anne Marie Morris is the...

Proven liar Paul Nuttall claims that the post-Brexit spike in hate crimes was fabricated

A great man once said “There are lies, damned lies and statistics.”To UKIP election candidate Paul Nuttall (seemingly well-versed on the subject of fabrication), that is what the latest hate crime statistics actually are....

BBC Newsnight host perfectly explains why blaming immigrants won’t solve anything

James O’Brien, a host of BBC’s Newsnight, has called out the mainstream media for bashing immigrants and refugees while failing to report on what is a damning statistic on poverty in the UK.O’Brien, who...

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