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The Tories are wasting YOUR tax money on Army ‘PsyOps’ to create & spread...

A recent report from leading academics at the University of Oxford disturbingly illustrates how the government is using social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, to “influence” public opinion.The report details evidence that...

The Times’ latest Corbyn smear has left the paper’s reputation in tatters

The Murdoch gutter rag masquerading as a quality newspaper, The Times, has today gone full Der Stürmer by using a cartoon depicting Jeremy Corbyn at the helm of a Mersey ferry overladen with migrants....

BBC quietly sneaks out correction admitting it blatantly lied in the run-up to war...

Nine months after its successful Syria smear campaign, the BBC has been forced to come clean. A story about a peaceful protest outside an MP's office had been bent into propaganda to promote a war....

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