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WATCH: Piers Morgan just got called out for being an incompetent idiot live on...

There's nothing that noted self-aggrandiser Piers Morgan loves more than a straw man argument. The straw man allows him to put forward the simplest of simple black and white arguments, comparing his own fallacious...

Over £180,000 of YOUR money wasted protecting Tax Haven based Fracking Firm in Yorkshire

With the recent release of the Paradise Papers detailing further sneaky accounting and tax evasion by the super-rich, the famous, and the influential, tax dodging in the UK is at an unprecedented level.Yet while...

Wheelchair users stage GENIUS mass protest against drivers who steal disabled bays

In an inspired act of protest against their rights being perpetually disrespected or ignored, the Portuguese contingent of the global disabled community has taken matters into its own hands.The demonstration has seen them station...

The BBC just broadcast a sign calling the Tories ‘c*nts’

Tens of thousands of people have gathered in London today to take part in the #NotOneDayMore protests against the shambolic Tory government and it's continuing failed agenda of austerity.The event, organised by The People's...

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