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The Conservative Party Chairman just posted possibly the most disgustingly hypocritical tweet in UK political history

The public’s incredibly poor perception of politicians is absolutely no accident – MPs have been lying, cheating, and intentionally taking the p*ss out of the British public for their own personal gain for years. But Tory Chairman Brandon Lewis has probably just gone far beyond this publicly-tolerated level of brazen self-interest with his latest disgustingly hypocritical, and entirely inaccurate tweet.

In relation to the ongoing Labour antisemitism row, Lewis tweeted:

“Says much about how Labour simply won’t acknowledge or deal with the abuse or anti semitism that appears to be condoned by some in their Party”

Not only has Lewis falsely accused Labour of doing something which the Party has, and still is, actively dealing with, the Conservative Party Chairman seems to have completely glossed over the fact that his own party are currently doing the exact same thing that he just falsely accusing Labour of doing.

Chakrabarti Report

Following the emergence of a small number of alleged cases of antisemitism, and subsequent wall-to-wall reporting from the mainstream media, Labour decided to begin their own official in-depth investigation into antisemitism specifically within the Labour Party – now known as The Chakrabarti Report.

The outcome of the Chakrabari Report acknowledged that whilst antisemitism was clearly not endemic to the Labour Party, there was an ‘occasionally toxic atmosphere’.

The report went on to list 20 recommendations to ensure that reports of racism by party members could be more easily and swiftly dealt with by the party’s disciplinary panel.

Furthermore, the cross-party Home Office Select Committee’s own report into antisemitism in the UK found that the Chakrabarti Report’s claim that antisemitism was not endemic to the Labour Party was entirely accurate, stating that:

“Despite significant press and public attention on the Labour Party, and a number of revelations regarding inappropriate social media content, there exists no reliable, empirical evidence to support the notion that there is a higher prevalence of antisemitic attitudes within the Labour Party than any other political party.”

Labour’s acknowledgement of antisemitism within their own ranks is a provable fact, and their action to deal with it consisted of instigating one of the biggest internal investigations in political history.

This fact alone shows that Brandon Lewis’ claims that Labour ‘won’t acknowledge or deal with‘ antisemitism’ within the party is a complete and utter lie. However, Lewis’ brazen deceit gets so much worse.

In April of this year, just before the local elections, the former Tory Minister Baroness Warsi made the extraordinary claim that there were now weekly incidents of anti-Muslim hatred within the Conservative Party.

Her claim was backed up by the fact that an astonishing number of Tory Council candidates were exposed in the run up to the local elections for holding disgustingly racist views.

Initially, Warsi’s claims were completely ignored by the mainstream media, with Evolve being the only outlet to report on her quotes.

However, the Muslim former Tory Party Chair persisted in her attempts to get the issue highlighted and properly addressed – going on to repeat her claims on numerous occasions so that the establishment media simply couldn’t ignore it any more.

This was followed the the biggest Muslim organisation in the country, the Muslim Council of Britain, issuing an official demand for the Tory Party to open an investigation into anti-Muslim hatred within their own Party.

Not only that, the situation became so dire that the Conservative Party’s own Muslim organisation, the Conservative Muslim Forum, even issued their own demands for an investigation.

Finally, and after a huge outcry on social media, the mainstream media began to report on the emerging situation. But, in true Tory fashion, the Conservative Party completely rejected all calls for them to deal with the problem.

And, conveniently, after the most minimal amount of fuss possible from the mainstream media, the issue was quickly swept under the carpet, giving the Conservative Party free-rein to completely ignore their own racism problem.

In comparing the media’s literal wall-to-wall reporting of Labour anti-semitism and their virtual ignorance of the Conservative Party’s Muslim-hate problem, it is pretty obvious just how brazenly biased the British media is, and just how low many establishment hacks will stoop by using and abusing the serious issue of racism, with absolutely no desire to actually eradicate it, to simply further their own political agenda.

Jeremy Corbyn has fought against racism his entire life. And whilst he was on the front line opposing racist apartheid in South Africa – and getting arrested for doing so – many in the Tory Party were actively calling Nelson Mandela a terrorist and demanding he was executed.

Not only this, the Labour leader has signed numerous Early Day Motions condemning and exposing antisemitism, as well as going far and above almost any other politician in calling out anti-Jewish racism:

The media’s double standards in reporting both situations is utterly disgusting, but, sadly, entirely unsurprising.

The pro-Tory British media have actively used racism as a tool to stir up division for years, and their normalisation of both anti-Muslim and anti-immigrant hatred has been an ongoing source of disgust for a large swathe of decent British society for many years.

But now, after using racism to their advantage by actively perpetuating it, the media are now, disgustingly, attempting to change tack by using the opposite end of the stick to attack their political opponents.

The media using racism as a political football is one thing. But for the Chairman of the ruling party to so obviously, and so hypocritically, use the subject of racism for their own political gain must surely rank as a new low in British politics.

The sewers through which the Conservative Party will swim for an attack line against Jeremy Corbyn seemingly have absolutely no bounds.

But the reasons why they and their media lackeys have become so brazen and so hypocritical in their attacks are now clear for all to see: the Tories have absolutely no policies, no vision, and, perhaps most importantly, they are scared beyond belief that Corbyn will soon enter Number 10 and expose what a bunch of incompetent criminals the establishment really are.

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