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WATCH: Muslim former Tory Minster: ‘I was labelled a ‘P*ki’ in Conservative Party meetings’ [VIDEO]

On the same day that the Muslim Council of Britain has officially called for an urgent independent inquiry into Islamophobia within the Conservative Party, the former Tory Minister, Baroness Warsi, appeared on Good Morning Britain and revealed never-before heard revelations about the disgusting Islamophobic abuse she suffered at the hands of her own party.

Shockingly, Baroness Warsi even reported that she had been called “the ‘P’ word” in Conservative Party meetings. 

Evolve has reported extensively over the past months about the deepening Islamophobia crisis within the Conservative party – but today, after an official demand by the Muslim Council of Britain for an investigation, the mainstream media have finally, belatedly, acknowledged the problem.

Baroness Warsi has been outspoken about the Islamophobia epidemic within her party, saying in March that there are “weekly occurrences” of Islamophobia within the Conservative Party.

However, today Warsi went much further, exposing the endemic racism crisis at the very heart of the party:

“Some of it was fairly overt […] the “P” word was used in a meeting. Some of it was based on ignorance, some of it was based on a lack of understanding of people like me”

Ms Warsi also revealed during the interview that she has been continuously raising the problem of endemic Islamophobia and racism within the party for ‘two and a half years‘, but has been systematically ignored by the party’s hierarchy.

At a time when the mainstream media have filled the news agenda with reports of anti-Semitism within the Labour party, the Tory party appears to be splitting at the seams with complaints of Islamophobia within their ranks – yet the mainstream media are only paying lip service to what is an equally serious issue.

You can watch Baroness Warsi’s full, and extremely revealing, interview below:

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