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Tory MP who CRIED at Universal Credit horror stories votes to BLOCK Universal Credit Impact Assessment publication

The Conservative MP who broke down in tears in the House of Commons whilst listening to horror stories about ordinary peoples’ experiences of the new Tory benefit system, Universal...

Homicides up 33%. Knife Crime up 62%. Robberies up 58%. Are your own crime figures just “scaremongering” now, Theresa?

The Office for National statistics has just published the latest crime figures for England and Wales, and the numbers make grim reading for both Theresa May, and the country...

Theresa May has just “days left as PM” after ‘committing UK to extra year in the EU’, Tory MPs warn

B rexit supporting Tory MPs have just issued their starkest warning to date against the Prime Minister Theresa May after she reportedly signalled that she is willing to bow...

The Tories’ horrific hypocrisy on Yemen is being called out in spectacular fashion

On the southern tip of the Arabian Peninsula lies a small country gripped by a crisis of potentially catastrophic proportions. Yemen is in the midst of a food shortage...

Tory Mayor bills taxpayer £530 for CHAUFFEURED car to HOMELESSNESS MEETING

Just when you thought Conservative Party politicians couldn't get any more detached from the grim reality of the policies they implement, a Tory Mayor has just been exposed billing...

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Police accused of trying to ‘cover up domestic incident’ between Boris Johnson and his girlfriend amid Tory leadership battle

The Metropolitan Police have been accused of attempting to cover up a domestic incident between the current favourite to become the next Prime Minister,...

Nigel Farage accused of faking bizarre letter from ’10-year old Brexiteer’ whose ‘pro-EU teachers’ supposedly “brainwash” him

The leader of the Brexit Party and the main architect of the UK's vote to leave the European Union, Nigel Farage, has been roundly...

WATCH: Shocking scenes as Tory Minister Mark Field ‘ATTACKS’ female protestor at posh Mansion House event [VIDEO]

A sitting Tory Minister has just been filmed apparently 'attacking' a female protester, seemingly completely unrprovoked, at tonight's posh Mansion House event by 'shoving...

BREAKING: The Next UK Prime Minister will either be a racist serial liar or an NHS-destroying expenses cheat

Tory MPs have voted in favour of racist serial liar, Boris Johnson, and NHS-destroying expenses cheat, Jeremy Hunt, as the final two in the...

Lib Dem leader Vince Cable gets utterly castigated over astonishingly hypocritical Saudi arms sales claim

The outgoing leader of the Liberal Democrats, Vince Cable, has been utterly castigated on Twitter after posting an astonishingly hypocritical tweet regarding today's Court...
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