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Tories under pressure to sack new Housing Chief after “antisemitic conspiracy theories” surface

The Conservative Party's claims to hold a zero tolerance approach towards antisemitism have been left in tatters after their decision to appoint a new Housing Tsar who has been...

Owen Jones preparing to sue anti-Brexit lawyer over “anti-Jewish terrorism” accusation

The Guardian journalist and prominent Labour activist, Owen Jones, is preparing to sue a high profile anti-Brexit lawyer who accused him of suggesting it was "fine to celebrate anti-Jewish...

Incredible 52-tweet thread exposes how the mainstream media attacks Corbyn WHATEVER he does

It's pretty obvious that the British media aren't exactly fans of Jeremy Corbyn - and their relentless negative attacks in the run up to the 2017 General Election were...

WATCH: The Tories’ claim that “austerity is over” just got hilariously obliterated in 48 seconds [VIDEO]

Most people in the UK have a pretty dim view of politicians in general - and the past 40 or 50 years of outrageous political tw*ttery served up by...

20 anti-Corbyn MPs just voted AGAINST a pay rise for the UK’s lowest earners to try and damage THEIR OWN party

In a despicable attempt to try and damage their own party's image with working people, twenty right-wing anti-Corbyn Labour MPs have shamefully rebelled against the orders of Jeremy Corbyn's...

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It’s looking increasingly likely that Boris Johnson will never actually become Prime Minister – here’s why

MPs across the House of Commons are bracing themselves for a period of unprecedented chaos ahead of Boris Johnson's almost inevitable election as the...

Lib Dems elect pro-austerity, pro-tuition fees, anti-environment MP Jo Swinson as new leader

The Liberal Democrats have elected Jo Swinson - an MP who previously propped up the Tories during the 2010-15 coalition, and who has repeatedly...

Tory MP Charlie Elphicke charged with sexually assaulting two women

The Conservative MP for Dover, Charlie Elphicke, has been charged with three counts of sexual assault against two women, the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS)...

Anti-Corbyn Labour MP defends sacked ally who compared Jewish colleagues to Nazis

aLabour MP who has repeatedly attacked Jeremy Corbyn for 'not doing enough about antisemitism' has been roundly criticised after attempting to defend a right-wing...

Nigel Farage ridiculed after claiming new EU President’s 54% vote share isn’t a big enough margin

The leader of the Brexit Party, Nigel Farage, has been well and truly mocked on social media after claiming that the 54% winning vote...
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