William J Richardson

Will is a freelance writer at Evolve Politics. He is also doing the BPTC at the University of Law with aspirations of becoming a Barrister. Will has two law degrees and lots of opinions.

Theresa May appoints Tory Peer who advocates NHS privatisation to crucial ‘independent’ NHS Chairman role

The man who Theresa May has just appointed Chairman of the NHS, Tory Peer Lord Prior of Brampton - who will take over from Sir Malcolm Grant in the...

These are the last words of a disabled hero who committed suicide after the Tories stole £20-a-week from his disability benefit

Weeks before his death on the 26th of July 2017, Mark Barber - a severely disabled man whose injuries were inflicted by a gang with a machete after he...

Tory austerity has left ENTIRE CITIES without a single police station as Scotland Yard admits it has “run out of things to sell”

St Albans and Bath - two perennially proud Roman cities: historical and architectural emeralds of the country - don't even have police stations. Yes - thanks to Tory austerity,...

‘Fuming maniac’ Margaret Hodge once branded an entire audience ‘stupid’ after Corbyn beat her in a debate

"You're a f*cking antisemite and a racist!" - these are the words apparently screamed by Dame Margaret Hodge into the face of the Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn. The tirade...

Tory underfunding has FORCED the overstretched NHS to privatise £1 BILLION of urgent care as a last resort

Due to the Tories' deliberate underfunding of the NHS, private firms have cashed in to the tune of £1Billion due to overstretched hospitals being forced to outsource and privatise...

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It’s looking increasingly likely that Boris Johnson will never actually become Prime Minister – here’s why

MPs across the House of Commons are bracing themselves for a period of unprecedented chaos ahead of Boris Johnson's almost inevitable election as the...

Lib Dems elect pro-austerity, pro-tuition fees, anti-environment MP Jo Swinson as new leader

The Liberal Democrats have elected Jo Swinson - an MP who previously propped up the Tories during the 2010-15 coalition, and who has repeatedly...

Tory MP Charlie Elphicke charged with sexually assaulting two women

The Conservative MP for Dover, Charlie Elphicke, has been charged with three counts of sexual assault against two women, the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS)...

Anti-Corbyn Labour MP defends sacked ally who compared Jewish colleagues to Nazis

aLabour MP who has repeatedly attacked Jeremy Corbyn for 'not doing enough about antisemitism' has been roundly criticised after attempting to defend a right-wing...

Nigel Farage ridiculed after claiming new EU President’s 54% vote share isn’t a big enough margin

The leader of the Brexit Party, Nigel Farage, has been well and truly mocked on social media after claiming that the 54% winning vote...
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