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The Guardian essentially just urged Labour voters to switch to the Tories – the backlash was absolutely monumental [TWEETS]

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This Sunday, the pleasant autumnal peace of golden leaves-a-crunching and a frigid winter wind was shattered for many by the imposition of a shamefully uncritical op-ed in the Guardian, courtesy of the Prime Minister, Theresa May. 

Labour voters should look afresh at the Conservatives“, it insisted, more than somewhat incredibly.

The op-ed is, after the ho-ho-ho-hysterics of May capitalising on her human side by dancing into the Tory conference, another cynical, propagandist measure to place the party in the centre-ground. 

That is, to attempt to wipe the – what has been for many – misery of the past eight years of Tory rule, by simply stating that, “no, on the contrary, we’re actually rather moderate”. 

As you can probably imagine, or would at least hope from a conscious populace, the replies to this ablution have been absolutely smashing:

Unashamedly, May’s blathering propaganda is nought but a bubble wrap of fuzzy feelings and unspecific thin mist serving to add a patriotic, legitimate flavour to one singular, immature sentiment: “Corbyn’s a socialist and stuff have you read the papers he’s a loon and also anti-Semitism! Better vote Tory, really.” 

“Millions of people who have supported Labour all their lives are appalled by what has happened to a once-great party under the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn”, reckons Theresa.

Besides the usual, abjectly ridiculous, vapid, unicorn-land-of-rainbow-farts, contradictory spasms – “to play a more global role, while also delivering on the domestic issues that matter to people here at home” – May tries her best to sound as though she is saying anything remotely solid while winking to every possible section of the population in what is patently an impossibility.

The NHS, education, ‘the economy’, business, public finances, private finances – much like the famed Oprah episode: “You get a car! You get a car! You get a car!” Did May mention she’s going for the centre ground?


The article is a vacuum. It is bereft, utterly devoid. It is nothing. It’s nothingness is so complete, so utterly intransigent that it is not worth pointing out its contradictions and its glosses, its whitewashing and its inaccuracies. 

Indeed, one need simply look here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here for examples undermining the Tories’ newfound claim to moderation. 

That is, if one wants something more than mere platitudes to show that, in fact, the modern centrist Tories have wrought havoc on a great many sectors of this country.

Perhaps, though, the Twitterati said it better than we could:






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Tom D. Rogers

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Jess Miller

Co-Founder, Contributing Editor

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