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Boris Johnson said it was a "scandal" & "fraud" for an unelected PM not to call immediate General Election after inheriting top job

Boris Johnson said it was a “scandal” & “fraud” for an unelected PM not...

Boris Johnson, who is now the overwhelming favourite to become the next Tory leader and succeed Theresa May as Prime Minister, castigated former Labour leader Gordon Brown for not seeking an immediate mandate from...
'Centrist' Labour MPs threaten to help the Tories in protest over proposed democratic CLP reselections

‘Centrist’ Labour MPs threaten to help the Tories in protest at proposed democratic reselections

A number of ‘centrist’ Labour MPs are threatening to quit the party  but remain in Parliament as an independent bloc until the next election in protest at Labour's proposed democratic reselections of Parliamentary candidates,...
Fake News Awards 2017

POLL: The Evolve Politics Fake News Awards 2017 – Choose YOUR Winners (Losers) NOW!

As regular readers may remember, last year Evolve hosted the inaugural Phoney Awards acknowledging some of the mainstream media’s epic faux pas and incredible foolishness in the world of ‘fake news.’Seeing as 2017 had...

What would a Tory win ACTUALLY mean for Britain’s homeless?

Homelessness is a growing problem across the UK, but like countless other challenges that don’t directly impact the ultra-rich, the Tories have proven totally inept at dealing with it. In fact, rough sleeping has increased...

UNBELIEVABLE new poll sees Labour OVERTAKE the Tories by 10 POINTS in Wales

Against all the odds, a new poll of Welsh voters has revealed that Labour have completely reversed their fortunes in Wales. While polls prior to the Conservative manifesto launch had them trailing the Tories...

Tory Election Fraud: Accused of buying elections, there could be another General Election sooner...

In May, a Channel 4 investigation found evidence that some Conservative candidates overspent on election campaigns and, in some cases, didn't declare money spent on buses and accomodation.Yet most of the mainstream media was silent. On 3rd...

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